3 Reasons Why Now Is The Time To Chase Your Dreams

3 Reasons Why Now Is The Time To Chase Your Dreams

The past has already happened, tomorrow isn’t promised, and now is the time. Do you want to be an astronaut, but somebody is telling you–you can’t? Are you ready to open that business you’ve always wanted, but you feel it’s too late? Want to live a better life but can’t afford the luxuries you wish for? All of the things you want in life are in the palm of your hands. Now is the time for you to penetrate that wall of hinderance, and go for your dreams. The following tips are provided for the YOU that needs the extra push. Here’s how you’ll get there…

1. FIGHT YOUR WAY OUT: You won’t always be in the mood to take on a new venture or continue on the path you’re already on – so how do you get through it? Put your head down and get to work. It’s that simple. Stop making excuses. Stop telling yourself you can’t. Start telling yourself you can. Here’s a great quote, “Whether you say you or can’t, either way you’re right.” – Henry Ford

2. EASIER DONE THAN SAID: The saying “easier said than done” only applies to those who don’t believe they can accomplish their goals with ease. Yes, there will be a ton of steps between the beginning and the result. But as long as you’re focused on the result being as magnificent as you picture it to be, the process becomes second nature. At which point things are going to be easier DONE, than said.

3. FIND INTEREST IN THE MOMENT: More often than none, I find people waiting for the next moment, or even talking about the last moment, and rarely do I find people excited for now. As I’m writing this (while sitting beside a nice warm fire place) of course I’m anxious for the result of the future, but more importantly I’m happily living in this moment. Going with the flow of your surroundings will help you to adapt to the circumstances beyond your will. Live in the moment, even if it’s killing you! Realize that your patience is being tested at every point in your life. Tell yourself everything is fine. Because it is.
By following these tips, no obstacle will get between you and your destiny of happiness. We are beings of love. The only way unhappiness enters our aura is if we welcome it into our bodies. A few moments ago you felt. That’s past tense. Now, you are feeling. So ask yourself, how you are feeling?

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