3 Ways to Break A Vicious Cycle


“To know and not do is not yet to know.” – The Buddhist Proverb

What better way than to start off with this quote. In one sentence it sums up this entire read. But we’re going to get into how you can turn those habits into better ones. You say that you know what you’re doing wrong, then you turn around and make the same mistake. Clearly you haven’t actually learnt from that mistake. Another example is when you see somebody else making a mistake, you say, “I’ll never do that!” Then you find yourself doing the same thing. It’s obvious that you haven’t learnt from this particular mistake you’re facing. Why does this keep happening to you every time? Why do these problems keep finding you when you actually know what you’re doing wrong? These were questions I was asking myself on several accounts in the past. In fact, when something similar comes up, I’ll know how to face them in the future. Here are a few ways I’ve learnt from others mistakes and mine included.

1. Follow The Signs: Our brains always running, even when we’re asleep. You have a problem you want to solve; you spend your entire day attempting to solve it; you wake up the next day with that same mind state, and you still come up empty handed. This means you aren’t allowing the different parts of your mind the chance to go to work. For example, you need to hammer in a nail, but you’re using the opposite end of a screw driver. Our minds have an endless library of information that even you didn’t know was there. Of course depending on the problem you’re trying to solve, you’ll have to take a particular approach. The universe will provide you with signs that only you will be able to see. Only if your senses are awakened and you’re awareness is peaked. Sounds funny, but I’m not making this stuff up. Since I was a child I’ve had a very intimate relationship with the universe. I started off praying, then asking out loud, and then later in my life I started meditating (which is technically the same thing as praying). I’ve learnt that the more sleep I get, and the more time I spend balancing my inner self and external self, the more aware I am of the signs the universe is attempting to share with me. The same goes for you. Only you know how you function best. Some people don’t require much sleep to function at a higher quality performance (no matter what it is you’re doing). Others (like myself), need at least 6-8 hours of sleep to function at full capacity. Then the signs will appear dead in front of you. As if you typed into Google, “How to make the perfect pie?” The universe will provide you with exactly what you asked for, and sometimes even more than you asked for.

2. Are You Ready For What’s To Come?: I always ask myself this question whenever I’m about to start a new venture, project, or pick up on something new. If I hesitate even the slightest bit, I will sit on my thoughts for a day or so before committing to any decisions. Of course we won’t be ready for everything. There are going to be things that we accept, and along with what we’ve accepted comes more than what we feel we can handle. Hence the reason why success can be scary. We

want the money, power, and fame (in some cases), but when the reality hits… you start to question if this is really what you want. There are somethings you just can’t prepare for, and that’s why having an open mind for whatever’s to come can really help you when, and if, you get something you may not have bargained for. You can plan for the best, but always expect the worst (even if you’re the most optimistic thinker) – you can’t control others will and their intentions. You can only do your best.

3. Cycles: Life performs in cycles. What goes around will always come back around. It’s the law of attraction. It’s the order of which sense is made of. You finally figured out this massive problem that has been driving you mad for years! And you believe you will never have to deal with that problem again. Wrong. That problem will come back around – in another form – only this time you’ll know how to deal with it. That’s the case of people who have actually learned from the problem at hand. How about for those who continue to go through the same problems? They’re simply not seeing the signs, learning from their mistake(s), and are more than likely not ready for what’s to come. Therefore, this vicious cycle will repeat over and over again until they do see the signs, are ready for what’s to come, and are ready to break the cycle. Life really doesn’t serve you problems you can’t handle, but if you’re ready for a challenge, just ask for it. Here’s my state of mind these days…

  • –  IfIwantsomething,ItrainmythoughtstotakeoneveryobstaclethatIwillface.
  • –  IacceptthechallengesthatcomewithwhatIwant.
  • –  Itellmyselfthere’snothingthatwillstopmefromsucceedingatthisgoal,notevenmyself.

You can read all day and night about how to get better at something, and the bottom line will always come down to making experiences your own by putting down the books, closing your technology, and enter the world with an open mind to learning. Remove the mental road blocks in your mind, let go of the negative people you may be surrounding yourself around, and break the barriers of your own hinderance. The answer is always within yourself. On that note, I will leave you with one more quote…

“Seek guidance from within yourself.” – Tao 365

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